Miami, Florida

A selection of featured work.


Veritas Marketing & Distribution

Veritas Marketing & Distribution came as an outdated and poorly functioning website. The old site was scrapped and in its place is a sleek site that provides the functionality and ease of use the client was looking for.

Tiller Solutions

The founder of Tiller Solutions is a web designer's dream. The client knew what she wanted and our collaboration yielded exactly that. This project went end to end in two weeks. 

Body In Motion Miami

The owner of Body In Motion Miami is a personal trainer who wanted a website that would elicit motivation, enthusiasm, and inspiration to its viewers.  The use of bold colors was important to this design.

Direct Wine Domaines

The owners of Direct Wine Domaines were looking for a website to replace their old and tired site. In it's place is gorgeous web presence which showcases a most excellent wine selection with the class it deserves.  The owners are not yet ready for a shopping cart feature, but the goal is to include that in the next phase.

Watch My Books

Watch My Books provides bookkeeping and small business office management services.  The client wanted a website that would promote the many facets her services provide and showcase them with real life examples.

This site is currently in development. 

Research For Results

Research For Results is a Canadian consulting company specializing in cost effective energy research.  The client was looking for a theme which evokes the feeling of energy conservation.

This site is currently in development.

Our Kitchen

Before the birth of Deloca Design, yours truly wanted to take a test run on the CMS Concrete5. This, coupled with a desire to keep the family recipes centrally located gave rise to Our Kitchen.  Concrete5 has since been the platform of choice for all website builds.

This site is only used locally in our home.

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